Narved Yoga School

Narved Yoga School:-

What makes it stand different from the rest of the yoga school?

Narved Yoga School aims to unify the mind, body, and soul Narved Yoga Schoolmixed the concepts of traditions, techniques, and historical beliefs. History is the main determining factor of this school of learning. It goes parallel to our ancient leanings of yoga. Whereas other schools of yoga have adopted the modern form of yoga which did creep in from the west. 

Narved Yoga School has set some disciplinary rules and regulations for Yoga lovers. To maintain the proper balance, Narved Yoga has made a student-friendly environment on the campus along with the proper and nutritious yogic diet for our yoga students.

Courses are well recognized:-
Narved Yoga School is well recognized. The combination of deep and authentic knowledge learned and practiced in our teacher training course along with a markable recognized certificate builds a strong foundation for one to start one’s career as a  yoga instructor anywhere in the world.

Ancient rules to be followed:-
The organization had been established with a very simple aim of helping the society through the development and promotion of wholesome yogic education and practices by holding yoga classes and yogic events.

It covers all aspects of yoga in our curriculum:
We put the most extreme significance on providing a quality teacher training experience for our students. Our vision is to make you a competent yoga expert by giving you an understanding of all aspects of the authentic and ancient traditional yoga. Yoga is not just asanas (postures) but has many other aspects also. The purpose of yoga is to develop the harmony of the body, mind, and psyche (emotions). To achieve this ultimate purpose of yoga, we emphasize all aspects of yoga in our teacher training program: Shatkarmas, Asanas, Mudras Bandhas, Pranayamas, Yoga Nidra, Trataka, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Mantra & Chanting, Yoga Therapy.

A reflection of our traditional forms:-
Yoga is the essence that collaborated to be a family of ancient spiritual practices that started breathing in India,  which is a carrier by this school of yoga where it remains a vibrant living tradition. It seems like a means to enlightenment and boosts the spirits of ancient India to showcase its beauty. This is the mission statement of Carved Yoga School.

Experienced Yoga Teachers:-
Yoga teachers at Narved Yoga School is very well experienced in yoga teacher training in India.

Small batches of students and study material :
Our emphasis is always on quality over quantity. We accept a small group of students in one program so that ample attention can be paid to every student which everyone deserves. We use a one-on-one approach, helping students with correct alignment, correct muscle engagement, correct breathing, etc. Students are also encouraged to engage in one-on-one interaction with the teachers as questions arise and they wish to learn more

Excursions and Stirring Activities :-
In our Yoga TTC in India we offer many sightseeing trips and outdoor yoga activities.

Key features of our course are:-
Experienced & dynamic Yog Gurus & instructors certified by Yoga Alliance.
Emphatic learning program for beginners & intermediate.
Learning Yoga at the place where it took birth.
Economical Teacher Training Courses in India.
Friendly and calm learning environment.


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