Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation Teacher Training

In today’s world, meditation is gathering more and more strength. Now that yoga has claimed its deserved place in the eyes of the public, meditation is similarly growing in demand. An amalgamation of yoga with medicines. That is not surprising. Many people experience increased stress in their lives; both in their career and personal lives. Combining long working weeks with a busy family and social life is challenging.

Talking about the structure of this what does it consist of:-

The course is structured around four levels of mindfulness and awareness, which we need to develop in order to achieve a fulfilling life and at the same point of time spiritual growth. These are Mindfulness on Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Levels. On each level, we understand the science mixed with philosophy, do activities and exercises, Do active, passive, guided meditation, and then move to the next level. So it’s a very comprehensive and well-structured program, which helps a practitioner to develop a very scientifically proven practice. This approach saves the practitioner from any psychological as well as emotional side effects. It also proves as a great self-discovery and self-transformation journey for the participants.

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What is the essence of this?

This form is well taken from our history and embarked upon our history. It teaches one with Guided, Active and Passive meditations ranging from Yogic, Vedantic, Tibetan, Sufi, Zen, and the meditations given by Lord Shiva in ancient Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Tradition.

This does not bring an end to it. Apart from these we also cover contemporary mindful meditations like mindful yoga Nidra, mindful laughter yoga, mindfulness developing meditation, and how to make mindfulness a regular practice.

Synchronicity meditations with natural elements like full moon meditation, five elements meditation, light meditation, color meditation, and Chakra energy-related. Chakra Sounds, OM Chanting, and Kriyas  Meditative breathwork techniques from Buddhist, Sufi, and tantra traditions to immediately calm the mind and enhance the energy level. Dance meditations like chakra dance, kirtan, inner expressions.

The Purpose of this form is very clear:-

It makes one capable of designing, developing and holding your own two to three day’s meditation retreat, one/two day’s meditation workshop, 2-4 hours meditation sessions, and corporate meditation training.

  1. This training will develop a deeper level of understanding about meditation, meditative energies, and different meditation techniques.
  2. This program also works as an effective tool for your own self-discovery.
  3. During the program, students discover their own light and uncover the hidden master inside them.

At the world capital of Yoga and the meditation place for thousands of seekers and meditators since ancient times. Rishikesh is the place that produced many-many Yogis and Masters. It will give you the required insight to experiment with meditative energies and to develop your own meditations.

How this course can help one in the development of personal life and personal growth?

A lifetime shift of energy. It helps to deepen the self-discovery process. An amazing time of simple friendliness, total acceptance of one’s being, nonjudgmental atmosphere, sense of increasing peace and bliss inside, and the abundance of pure Himalayan meditative energies. Helps in Discovering your inner strength and true potential.

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