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Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India

Narved Yoga School In India


Narved Yoga School India, Rishikesh is working with a prophecy of augmenting the happiness, health, peace, and knowledge of a person. Being a Yoga education institute registered with Yoga Alliance, USA, we keep our approach holistic while offering numerous Yoga Teacher Training Courses. We give a platform for practitioners with the motive to take benefits of Yoga teachings. Also, if you are thinking to walk on the path of Yoga, then we are an authentic place to experience traditional Yoga School In India.

We endeavor to uphold the essence of Yoga teachings while connecting with skilled teachers all around the world. The classes are conducted in a time span of 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, 300-hours, and 500-hours. The teachers generally stick to the Yoga Alliance framework so as to offer various beneficial Yoga teacher training programs.

A ray of hope –Narved Yoga School

Narved Yoga School India is established with the influence of great sages from our tradition, many practitioners and thinkers who believe in sharing their experience. Leveraged on years we spent to get evolve, we come across the truth of Yoga being present as a practice of disciplining not only your body but the mind as well.

Achieving the fact is not at all difficult as you first have to understand what your body and mind like to do. Living life means lots of questions and doubts that surround your mind. Yoga is a way to find all the hidden answers and simultaneously bring peace.

Yoga teacher training in India is an amalgamation of asana, pranayama, meditation, sincere discussion, Vedic chanting, and Indian classical sitar music is one seamless experience. Yoga teacher training is going to be the real basics of yoga. Its reinvigoration of the basic principle of traditional hatha yoga. The yoga teacher training in Rishikesh serves the best if one is somewhere between seeking a yoga retreat and doing Yoga teacher training In India, Rishikesh.

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Narved Yoga School


Yoga Class Packages
To confirm your spot, you would be requested to pay an advance booking fees of 200 EUR. You can make the payment via Paypal, Transferwise. The remaining course fees payment must be paid before or on arrival. The best method to make the final course fees payment is via cash or Transferwise. If you plan to pay via card or PayPal, then we will add 5 % to your remaining course fees due to commission fees. You can also pay via Bank Transfer. You must add the bank charges while making the transfer.
Triple Sharing* For 24 Days 3 Tasty Vegetarian Meals Every Day Yoga Training Manual Jal Neti & Enema Pot
1100/per month
Become a BeYoga Unlimited Member for $90/month and enjoy our unlimited yoga classes.
$700/per month

Begin Your Journey With Perfect Guidenss

Follow Your Heart
Be yourself, follow your heart! In yogic sense, the phrase “be yourself – follow your heart” has a deeper meaning. It means aligning not only with the attributes of your personality but also aligning with your true nature.
Yoga School In India


What People Say

You’ve done an excellent job with the winter schedule, and I truly appreciate how hard you work to accommodate everyone. All of the new classes, time offerings, and instructors look better than ever. Thank you so much, BeYoga! You are the best.

Judy Morison, 22 y.o.

My Second new home… Love it and can’t live without it! Every day there are awesome events in the center, like a different type of yoga, amazing deep meditations and much more. An atmosphere of peace and serenity. The wonderful workout for the body.

Angela Park, 29 y.o.

I look forward to this class all week. No matter what kind of mood I have, the very minute I step into this center, I change, I became the happiest person in the world! Yoga has brought so much peace and joy into my life. Thank you so much!

Joan Mason, 35 y.o.

Narved Yoga School Team

Yoga Instructors
Hari Krishan (Alakh)

Hari Ji’s childhood was spent in serving ad taking care of hundreds of sages and sadhus.

Girish Ji

He did Sadhana (meditation). A 10 day Vipassana Meditation in Pune changed his life forever.

Dedicated Team

Yoga Instructors
Hari Krishan (Alakh)

Hari Ji’s childhood was spent in serving ad taking care of hundreds of sages and sadhus.

Girish Ji

He did Sadhana (meditation). A 10 day Vipassana Meditation in Pune changed his life forever.


Yoga School In India

Yoga Classes In Rishikesh, India

The Yoga Capital of the World
The basic level course is 200 hour yoga teacher training, and the Advance level is 300 hour yoga teacher training (duration: four weeks). Flourishing completion of the required course may be a necessity for registering for the advanced class. The certification is internationally recognised. Thus you'll teach, once certified, in India, and conjointly in several components of the planet.
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